International Management

The specialisation courses that are a part of this study programme, are a cluster of courses dedicated to diving deep into a specific topic related to the programme. When choosing a specialisation, you get to explore a potential future career path, or just develop a strong knowledge base about a topic that particularly interests you.

Looking to make the transition into a managerial role? With a Master’s degree in International Management (MIM), you’ll develop the skills you need to lead teams to international success.

International Studies
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Take the Next Step with a Master in International Management

Today’s managers are expected to perform well not only in the domestic market, but also navigate their teams through the fierce competitive waters of the international, global market. This makes different managerial roles, such as project managers or brand managers, much more demanding but also much more exciting and rewarding.

To help you excel in this environment, and become a successful team leader in an international setting, we’ve developed this MA degree in International Management. This programme is offered in two variations – 4 semesters (120 ECTS) and 2 semesters (60 ECTS) – in order to give you full flexibility to choose the right study plan that fits your schedule and ambitions.

Both variations offer a combination of theoretical topics and practical skill development courses, along with your choice of specialisation according to your topic of interest.

Learn how global markets work, what motivates employees and customers, and what technological developments are expected to take different industries into the future. Build your abilities as an internationally-focused manager, and make the right investment – invest in yourself.

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Overview Your degree summed up

All the facts and figures about your study programme at a glance

  • Study model
    Master of Arts (MA)
    60 or 120 ECTS
    Language: English
    Online studies and myStudies
  • Duration of study
    Regular study period 12 or 24 months
    Different time models
    Start your studies later
  • Tuition fees
    Starting from 158 euro per month
  • Accreditation
    60 ECTS - English
    Accredited in line with German and European standards

    120 ECTS - English
    Accredited in line with German and European standards
  • Admission
    Academic criteria:
  • Reduce your study fees
    Reduce fees by getting your previous achievements recognised
    The costs of your studies are usually tax-deductible
Study start information
First time from, 16.08.2021 (English, 120 ECTS), 16.08.2021 (English, 60 ECTS)
Information about state accreditation
This programme is still in the process of accreditation. We are expecting Ministry approval at the very latest by the start of the study programme. So far, all IU programmes have been accredited and approved successfully on time.
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Study programme overview

Learn about the challenges and opportunities facing international businesses, and develop the unique set of skills needed to lead teams towards success, regardless of industry or sector. During your studies for a Master’s degree in International Management (MIM), you’ll have the chance to specialise in a wide range of topics, from product development to corporate finance. Take control of your career and future, and prepare yourself for a successful transition to a management position.

The order of courses presented below is for the online studies model of this programme. To view the myStudies order of courses, please check the Course Schedules file.

1. Semester
2. Semester

Specialisations Overview

Students in the 60 ECTS programme - in semester 2 of this programme, you’ll choose one specialisation, equal to 10 ECTS.

Students in the 120 ECTS programme – in semester 3 of this programme, you’ll choose two specialisations, amounting to 20 ECTS.

 You have a wide range of options to choose from, according to your interests and ambitions. Some of the specialisations offered are:

Consumer Behaviour and Research
Advanced Robotics 4.0
Product Development and Design Thinking
Sales, Pricing and Brand Management
Corporate Finance and Investment
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Your International Management Career Outlook

Graduate with a degree that will take you into middle management or executive positions. The international focus of this programme and expertise will prepare you with what you need to face any challenge in business. No matter your major, you will head into great management roles internationally.

With a Master’s degree in International Management, you’ll enjoy increased chances of advancing to a management role, whether in your current place of employment or elsewhere. Our focus on internationality and practical work skills will provide you with a strong foundation for taking on a wide range of managerial opportunities, such as:

They’re always performing at their best

Project Manager

Project Managers are the supervisors responsible for the smooth operation of a wide range of business events. From product launches to website re-launches and business units re-structuring, as a Project Manager you’ll be charged with planning, implementing and budgeting projects all the way until completion. This role requires strong communication and interpersonal skills, attention to detail and an ability to look at the big picture while dealing with different departments and demands.

Geschäftsfrau mit digital-Tablette während Kollegen im Hintergrund

Changer Manager

When companies look to optimise their performance, implement new business strategies or change the way they operate entirely, they often call upon the services of external or in-house Change Managers. As a Change Manager, you’ll help stakeholders plan, orchestrate and analyse the areas in which change is required, and support teams during transitional periods.

Hipster junge Mann zeigt weibliche Kollegin Laptop

Brand Manager

Brand management is an important aspect of business operations, that is now being recognised more and more. As a result, demand for creative and internationally-oriented Brand Managers is on a constant rise. As a Brand Manager, you’ll be responsible to develop, manage and improve a company’s brand, commercial identity and public image. It’s an exciting role, with the opportunity to see far-reaching, significant results, and be involved in a company’s growth as a leading and driving force.

Tuition fees

Study models & fees for your Master in International Management

Full-time study is not always easy to manage, depending on your personal or professional situation. That’s why we’ve developed part-time programmes that offer flexible and extended study periods for all of our courses. This way, you can study alongside your job or in your free time, wherever you want. The various models are all identical in content. We will adapt your tuition fees to suit your programme model. If you choose the part-time option, your weekly study workload will be reduced.

Worried you won’t finish your degree in the designated time? No problem! We have the right programme model for you. If you realise that you’ll need more time, you can simply change to a different time model by giving three months’ notice to the end of the month. Here are our various programme models:

Only until 11.08.2021


Duration 12 Months

Perfect for students who want to hit the ground running and shorten the period of study by increasing their studying pace.

  • Online Studies
  • myStudies
398€ /mth 729€ Invest in your future now – and pay up to 50% less by 11th of August! * Apply now
Only until 11.08.2021

Part-Time I

Duration 18 Months

Excellent for talented all-rounders who want to give their studies everything they’ve got while holding down a job and keeping down their monthly costs at the same time.

  • Online Studies
297€ /mth 549€ Invest in your future now – and pay up to 50% less by 11th of August! Apply now
Only until 11.08.2021

Part-Time II

Duration 24 Months

Ideal for students who would like to take their time completing their course on top of their job and everyday life and keep down the monthly costs of their studies.

  • Online Studies
241€ /mth 449€ Invest in your future now – and pay up to 50% less by 11th of August! Apply now

* This discount is only available for the Online Studies model. For information about myStudies discounts, please get in touch with our Study Advisory Team.

Additional charges
All our study programmes include the following benefits
  • Teaching and study material

  • Marking of your end-of-module exams

  • Free 4-week trial

  • Online tutorials and guidance from tutors

  • Use of the online campus

  • Individual study coaching

  • Online exams

  • No charge for extension of course duration

  • Career coaching


Recognition of previous achievements

Have you already completed a training course, studied at a university or gained work experience? Then you have the opportunity to get your previous achievements recognised. By doing so, you save time and tuition fees – namely €30 per recognised ECTS point.

  • Shortening your period of study: Skip individual modules or whole semesters!
  • Save on tuition fees: You’ll save €30 for every recognised ECTS point.

Even before you apply for an online study programme, we’ll gladly check whether we can take your previous achievements into account: 100% online, no strings attached. Simply fill in our recognition application form, which you can find under the content section of each study programme's webpage, and upload it via our upload section. You can also e-mail it to us, or send it via post.

Send an email to to find out which previous achievements you can get recognised. Make sure you send your application before the end of your 1-month trial. You can get your previous achievements recognised during your studies. However, we can no longer grant you a cost reduction after the end of the trial month.

Do you need help with your application for recognition? Our student advisors will be happy to help. Simply arrange a personal call-back appointment. Arrange a call-back appointment to discuss recognition

Entry requirements

We make it possible: You can start your desired study programme with IU International University of Applied Sciences if you meet the following requirements.
General Admission Requirements
English language skills
Optional aptitude test
Why IU International University of Applied Sciences is the best choice
  • Your studies are flexible and 100% online

    Schedule when you want to learn and study 100% online. At IU you have the possibility to complete your degree fully from home, whether full-time or part-time. You can even take your exams online whenever it suits you. 

  • Accredited & Globally recognised

    IU is accredited and certified with a seal of approval from the German Accreditation Council. All IU study programmes, materials, and services meet high internal and external quality standards, which are regularly reviewed and updated.

  • You gain full support

    We provide you with innovative learning tools, digital study material, tutorial videos, student advice and support, and forums to exchange with other students. You also have 24/7 access to our large online library. Your tutors are always available to answer your questions. Our study coaches are also available to help at any time.

  • The ideal mix of theory & practice

    Our programmes provide you with essential theoretical knowledge and focus, above all, on practice-oriented studies designed to best prepare you for your future career. Thanks to our great variety of specialisations you can specialise in the specific areas that match your personal goals.

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