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94 % of our graduates find a job within the first three months of graduating

And, after two years following their studies, an average of 80 % have management responsibilities. On top of that, 97 % of our students recommend studying with IU International University of Applied Sciences. This information was reported by 9,000+ students who participated in an external quality review performed by fernstudiumcheck.de, Germany’s leading online studies review portal, which named IU as one of Germany's leading online studies universities.

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Success Stories of our Bachelor’s Graduates​

Success Stories​

At IU International University of Applied Sciences, our programmes are designed to best prepare you for your professional future. Because your success is our success. Find out how studying at IU helped our graduates build a successful career and develop important professional skills.

Tim Michel

B.A. Business & Management

“The interaction I had with my tutors at IU gave me food for thought that helped me in my everyday working life.”

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Dennis Laucke

B.A. Business & Management

“Online learning at IU offers, in my opinion, exactly the flexibility working people need to be able to learn effectively.”

Read more about Dennis Laucke

Edeltraut Schwartz

B.A. Business Administration

“My broad-based business administration degree helped me to think outside the box.”

Read more about Edeltraut Schwartz

Anthony Hoffmann

B.A. Business Administration

"The study programme suited my needs and my schedule"

Read more about Anthony Hoffmann

Lara Bergen

B.Sc. Business & IT

“Companies are looking for people with a degree and professional experience – with online learning, you get both!”

Read more about Lara Bergen

Janet Blasius

B.A. Business & Management

“I found studying at IU to always be dynamic and exciting. There was the practical side of the learning, which was very important, but I was also never short of opportunities to be academically challenged.”

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Success Stories of our Masters’s graduates​

Maren Sellmann

M.A. Business & Management

"Studying at IU gave me valuable knowledge that I can draw upon in my job."

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Jenny Strumpf

M.A. Business & Management

"The IU online study programme fitted perfectly into my everyday working life."

Read more about Jenny Strumpf

Britta Gabriel

M.A. Business & Management

“Combined with practical work experience, the study programme at IU was the right choice for me.”

Read more about Britta Gabriel

Philipp Kleingrothe

M.A. Business & Management

"In an IU online learning programme, everyone can specialise in the way they want."

Read more about Philipp Kleingrothe

Robert Kotok

M.A. Business & Management

"Online learning at IU is ideal for working people."

Read more about Robert Kotok

Lana Malinovska

M.A. Marketing Management

"I was won over primarily by the flexibility of the degree and the numerous specialisation opportunities at IU."

Read more about Lana Malinovska


M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence

“For engineers working in the very leading edge of technologies, it’s essential to keep up to date with developments. I’m convinced this programme will keep my knowledge current or even create a new trajectory for my career.”

Read more about Riku Luostari


M.A. International Management

"The degree programme at IU is an excellent preparation for a career as an investment banker”

Read more about Benjamin Mehran


M.A. International Management

"The university teaching at IU is characterised by a high degree of practical relevance."

Read more about Diana Valdez


M.A. International Marketing Management

"Invaluable experience both for my present and future"

Read more about Mai Duc


MBA International Business (Finance & Accounting)

"For me, IU's extensive network was the key to success."

Read more about Sandip Modha


M.A. International Marketing Management

"The international perspective that I developed during my studies at IU helps me tremendously in my everyday professional life."

Current Students

Celine Rieder

B.A. Digital Business

 "My online studies are easy to combine with swimming practices because it is completely free of time and location restraints. This great flexibility lets me study easily between workouts."

Read more about Celine
Our alumni work at

Our alumni work at

Our degree programmes are designed with a focus on professional skills and practical knowledge. That’s why studying at IU International University of Applied Sciences gives you a competitive edge. Invest in your future, and increase your chances of joining some of the world’s leading companies – like many of our graduates already have.

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