Why study online in times of COVID-19

Working together against COVID-19– For more opportunities and possibilities

No matter whether you’re already a student at International University of Applied Sciences or you’re looking to study with us in the future: You’ll find all the information you need here.

We’ll keep you updated about all the latest developments in your online study programme and how we’re dealing with the exceptional situation we’re currently facing, and give you valuable tips about studying from home.

For Prospective Students

Study wherever you want, whenever you want

  • Our virtual campus gives you unlimited access to your online studying materials.
  • Your in-person exams will be replaced with online exams, which you can take whenever is best for you.
  • Simply log into your profile online and book the slot you want for your exam.

Our online community: study with 100% flexibility and keep in contact

Even if you study 100% online, you are always connected to others at IU International University of Applied Sciences. You can exchange ideas with your fellow students and lecturers at any time via our large community, social networks and online tools. We’ll also continue to answer any questions you have online in our live consultation sessions.

We’re all currently in the same boat and glad of any tips and tricks that help us make the best of the home-working phase.

Your enrolment – 100% online

  1. You can start your course at any time. No deadlines, no set semester dates. Fit your studies around your schedule!
  2. Start now! You can sign your study contract, send it to us per e-mail and get started straight away.
  3. No need to walk to the post office. You can send us all the necessary documents via e-mail. Simply send us the certified copy of your university entrance qualification within the next three months. To start with, a scan is all you need to successfully enrol.


Take the opportunity to find out whether an online study programme with IU International University of Applied Sciences is the right fit for you. You can test your desired study programme during your free trial –completely free of charge and with no strings attached. Simply apply for your online study programme and unlock your access. Happy learning!

For Students

Study with 100% flexibility

You’re no doubt tackling a lot of challenges at the moment. But it’s important not to lose sight of your goals, especially now! We want to help you face the current crisis and look to the future. For example, if you’ve been put on short-time work you can delay your payment instalments by up to two months. We’ve compiled all of our tips here to help you successfully continue with your online studies and stay 100% flexible.

Free extension
Take exams online
Study Coaching
Change your time model
TAX Deductibility
Take a semester off

Tim's tips for successful home studying

There’s no question about it: COVID places great demands on all of us. But this crisis can also release a lot of energy, e.g. when it comes to self-organisation. When studying at home, you’ll learn at your own pace and create your own personal studying environment. Tim, HR Manager at IU, has a few simple but effective tips to get you into the groove at home. First of all: In times like these, it’s important to keep in contact with your fellow students, either to study together or just exchange ideas, e.g. via the virtual campus or video chat.

1. Create a clearly defined study area that you feel comfortable in
2. "You are what you wear" – Dress as you normally do
3. Structure is everything: Set specific studying times and treat yourself to short breaks
4. Motivate yourself by keeping a record of every learning objective
5. Make sure to deliberately switch off now and then
6. Don't let yourself be distracted by your family, TV, etc.
7. Call and message your fellow students regularly
8. Be more productive – Find your studying sound
9. No more procrastination!
10. A change of perspective: Use sticky notes to memorise things

Tips & tools from our Study Coaches

Studying and learning at home isn’t always easy. In addition to the right approach and organisation, it also requires a few clever tips and tools that not only work, but also give you the motivation you need. Here are our Study Coaches’ top 5:

Have separate living and studying areas...
Make yourself at home in your study space...
Learn by revising regularly...
Use your smartphone for study apps...
Reward yourself every time you achieve a learning objective...