Studies that match your lifestyle

Study without making compromises:

Studying at IU offers full flexibility, so it can be combined with your work and family life.

Realise your full potential:

Challenge yourself and rise to the occasion: our study programmes will help you become a better version of yourself and prepare you take on any professional challenge.

Cutting-edge study platform:

With the wide range of innovative digital learning tools on offer, you can study anytime, anywhere – on the go, on-campus or at home.

Broaden your horizons:

Explore new skills, fields of interest and professional worlds. It’s both fun and practical.

Why choose IU

State-approved and certified

With over 20 years of experience, we will guide you on your path to successfully completing your degree. Every study programme at IU is state-approved and bears the seal of the German Accreditation Council and is globally recognised.

Outstanding satisfaction

At IU we offer top-level education for anyone: 96 % of our students recommend us to other students.

Germany's largest private university

With over 75,000 students, we are the largest University of Applied Sciences in Germany. At IU, you can choose different Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA study programmes with a wide range of innovative specialisations.

You'll get all the support you need!

Work, Family, Vacation – Live a Full Life Even as a Student

Becoming a student doesn’t have to mean giving up on other areas in your life, or commitments that are important to you. When studying online, or even on-campus with a flexible schedule, you don’t have to choose – you can work, spend time with your family and even travel abroad, all while working towards obtaining a degree.

Flexible and Adaptable Study Programmes

At IU International University of Applied Sciences, our mission statement is to make education accessible for everyone. That’s why our study programmes are designed to meet your needs and your schedule. You should be able to adapt your studies to your life, not the other way around!

Your digital learning platform is available 24/7, and accessible from wherever you are at any given moment – just as long as you have an internet connection. Even if you study on-campus in Germany, you arrange your classes so that some of them will take place virtually, to best suit your schedule.

And if the unexpected happen, you don’t need to worry: you can take a semester off, switch to a different time model or extend your study period for up to 12 months, free of charge.You can also exchange ideas with your fellow students in virtual groups such as Teams and study meet-ups.

Independent, But Not Alone: We’re Here for You

Your studies at IU are designed so they fit you and your preferences. Like working independently, setting goals for yourself and doing things your own way? With the online studies model, you have full control of how your study programme will happen.

Prefer working with others, sharing your ideas with other students and having a fixed schedule? Then the myStudies (on-campus) model offers all of that, while still giving you enough flexibility to combine it with other responsibilities like work or having a family.

The Advantages of Studying at IU

  • Study anytime, anywhere
  • Free of charge extension of study period
  • Free of charge extension of study period
  • Easy to combine with work or having a family
  • Innovative learning tools
  • In-person attendance not mandatory
  • Full support from our study advisors
  • State recognised and awarded
  • Top lecturers with practical experience
  • Online or on-site exams
  • Large selection of courses and study programmes

Do you want to get started? Test 1 month for free!

Take the opportunity to find out whether an online study programme with IU is the right fit for you. You can test your desired study programme during your free trial – completely free of charge and with no strings attached. Simply apply for your online study programme and unlock your access. Happy learning!

Your studies will get you ahead

Do you want a career change or do you aim to get promoted? With our online degrees, you’ll develop skills that increase your chances on the job market and discover brand-new industries and fields of work.

Salary Booster

An internationally recognised and accredited degree from IU International University of Applied Sciences will help you earn more in your current position or in other roles elsewhere, as you will be a more qualified and skilled professional.

Career Booster

Whether you’re looking to make your first steps in the professional world, change your career or advance into a managerial position in your current place of employment, a degree from IU will give you all of the tools you need to successfully advance, transition or embark on your career path: practical work skills, industry familiarity and theoretical proficiency.

Personal Growth

Earning a degree isn’t just great for your career, it’s also great for you. You’ll expand your horizons, deepen your knowledge and expertise, challenge yourself and develop new skills – maybe even in a field that’s completely new for you.

Studying with a job and a family? Yes, you can!

Take Flight in the International Job Market

All of our study programmes at IU International University of Applied Sciences place a special emphasis on giving you practical work skills that are relevant now in the foreseeable future. The aim is for you to be perfectly prepared for taking on a wide range of professions across a wide variety of industry sectors.

According to surveys conducted with our graduates, these efforts pay off – 94% of the alumni surveyed report that they have found a job within three months of graduating; 80% of them report taking on management responsibilities within two years of graduating.

Ready to lift your career to the skies?

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