Computer Science in Cyber Security

Today, cyber threats are increasing not only in number but also in complexity. Are you ready to support private enterprises and public authorities in questions of IT security? Then get started now – with your MSc Computer Science in Cyber Security study programme.

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Start your MSc Computer Science with Cyber Security

IT is a specialist field that is changing rapidly and has an impact on current trends such as big data, globalisation and digitalisation. As a result, IT experts continue to be in great demand. In this study programme we'll address current challenges and rethink how security is approached. If you want to bring lasting change to the world of IT in terms of security, you’ve come to the right place.

The MSc Computer Science with Cyber Security course will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to contribute to cyber security in development projects or IT infrastructures. You will also be given the tools, processes, and algorithms you need to approach practical tasks. Building on a solid foundation in cyber security and cryptology, you’ll also gain insight into current issues such as quantum computing and blockchains.

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  • Study model
    Master of Science (MSc)
    60 ECTS
    Language: English
  • Duration of study
    Regular study period 12 months
    Different time models
    Start your studies at anytime
  • Tuition fees
    Starting from 343 euro per month
  • Accreditation
    60 ECTS - English
    AR-Siegel, ZFU 1110720
  • Admission
    Completed undergraduate degree
  • Reduce your study fees
    Reduce fees by getting your previous achievements recognised
    The costs of your studies are usually tax-deductible
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Course overview

The 60-ECTS Master’s programme comprises two semesters. In the first semester you will deal primarily with algorithmics, which will provide you with the computer science foundation you need for the rest of your studies. You will also work on subjects such as cyber security, data protection and cryptology – an important tool in cyber security. In addition, you’ll use blockchains to examine the current, much-discussed practical application of these concepts. Last but not least, you’ll examine the impact of your work as a computer scientist on society.

In the second semester the focus shifts to quantum computing, a highly topical issue in IT that promises to have a severe impact on encryption and therefore on IT security. Parallel to this, you’ll receive a detailed introduction to IT project management, a basic working method in IT. At the end of your studies, your Master’s thesis will provide you with an opportunity to independently apply the knowledge you have acquired to a specific problem using scientific methods.

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Your Computer Science in Cyber Security career outlook

With an online Master’s degree in Computer Science in Cyber Security, you will not only be in high demand but also be able to work in a wide range of different areas. Computer scientists are highly sought after in all branches of industry, including finance, automotive, commerce and many others. As an expert, you could work as...

Cyber Security Specialist

As a cyber security specialist, you will work on IT security projects and develop measures within the framework of IT audits. You are also the central contact person for all security issues within the IT service team. In addition, you carry out vulnerability analyses and investigate security-relevant incidents. In general, you work closely with web/network specialists and are involved in the maintenance and constant adaptation of the company's IT infrastructure. 

Cyber Security Consultant

As a cyber security consultant, one of your tasks is to protect the valuable data of a company and its customers. This means that, as an internal company employee or external service provider, you are responsible for facing digital threats such as viruses, cyber vandalism, or industrial espionage. Especially today, when companies increasingly use mobile devices and cloud solutions, protecting large amounts of data is becoming more complex and critical.

Cyber Security Manager

As a cyber security manager, you ensure that digital systems in IT are protected against cyber attacks. You identify gaps in the IT infrastructure of companies or develop measures to prevent IT systems from being put at risk. In the event of an attack or other emergency situation, as a cyber security manager you are able to take adequate and effective measures to minimise the damage. Furthermore, you are responsible for all actions, know the legal basis and control all processes within the department.

Tuition fees

Study models & fees for your Master in Computer Science in Cyber Security

Full-time study is not always easy to manage, depending on your personal or professional situation. That’s why we’ve developed part-time programmes that offer flexible and extended study periods for all of our courses. This way, you can study alongside your job or in your free time, wherever you want. The various models are all identical in content. We will adapt your tuition fees to suit your programme model. If you choose the part-time option, your weekly study workload will be reduced.

Worried you won’t finish your degree in the designated time? No problem! We have the right programme model for you. If you realise that you’ll need more time, you can simply change to a different time model by giving three months’ notice to the end of the month. Here are our various programme models:

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Duration 12 Months

Perfect for students who want to hit the ground running and shorten the period of study by increasing their studying pace.

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Part-Time I

Duration 18 Months

Excellent for talented all-rounders who want to give their studies everything they’ve got while holding down a job and keeping down their monthly costs at the same time.

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Only until 20.04.2021

Part-Time II

Duration 24 Months

Ideal for students who would like to take their time completing their course on top of their job and everyday life and keep down the monthly costs of their studies.

343€ /mtl 449€ Enrol for your online study programme by 20th of April and save €3,333 on your tuition fees. *Coupon code: CHANCE21 *You can start your studies at a later date. Apply now
Additional charges
All our study programmes include the following benefits
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Recognition of previous achievements

Have you already completed a training course, studied at a university or gained work experience? Then you have the opportunity to get your previous achievements recognised. By doing so, you save time and tuition fees – namely €30 per recognised ECTS point.

  • Shortening your period of study: Skip individual modules or whole semesters!
  • Save on tuition fees: You’ll save €30 for every recognised ECTS point.

Even before you apply for an online study programme, we’ll gladly check whether we can take your previous achievements into account: 100% online, no strings attached. Simply fill in our online recognition form.

Send an email to to find out which previous achievements you can get recognised.Make sure you send your application before the end of your 1-month trial. You can get your previous achievements recognised during your studies. However, we can no longer grant you a cost reduction after the end of the trial month.

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Entry requirements

We make it possible: You can start your desired study programme with IU if you meet the following requirements.
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