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In this video, Prof. Dr. Florian Hummel, our Head of Faculty, offers you a short introduction to studying at IU International University of Applied Sciences.

At IU University of Applied Sciences, we believe that the key for building high quality study programmes is having a high quality teaching staff. That’s why we place an emphasis on finding the best professors and lecturers, who all have to meet our high standards by having an excellent academic reputation, subject specific expertise, practical experience and a strong international approach.

IT and Engineering

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Matthias Eifler, M.B.A.

Professor of: B.Eng. Robotics

An expert on industrial measuring devices calibration, with extensive experience in various research projects at both the University of California and the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern. In addition, Matthias Eifler acts as the managing director of Opti-Cal GmbH since 2018.

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Prof. Dr. Alexander Lawall

Professor of: B.Sc. + M.Sc. Cyber Security

A professor of cyber security in the online learning and on-campus departments at IU. Among other roles he has fulfilled in the private sector, he was the the head of information security management at the REHAU Group.

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Zöller

Professor of: B.Sc. Data Science

An expert on advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, and their relation to digital transformation, with a PhD in Machine Learning for Image Processing from the University of Bonn.

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Prof. Dr. Ralf Kneuper

Professor of: B.Sc. Computer Science

The acting supervisor of the Software Development, IT Management and IT Security study programmes at IU, where he has been teaching since 2016. He has, in addition to a successful academic career, worked for over two decades in the private sector, in various quality management and as a freelance consultant.

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Prof. Dr. Tobias Brückmann

Professor of: B.Sc. Business & IT

A professor and course director of the Business & IT programme at IU University of Applied Sciences, Over the last decade, he has worked on a large number of industrial IT projects for different international companies, in the insurance, banking and media industries.

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Prof. Dr. Marian Benner-Wickner

Professor of: B.Eng. Industrial Engineering & Management

The head of the Industrial Engineering & Management and Industry 4.0 online study programmes, and a contributing member of several well-known computer science organisations: the Wikimedia Foundation, the CPS.HUB NRW and the Society for Computer Science.

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Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kerzel

Professor of: M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence

A former senior data scientist at Blue Yonder, he had also worked different research positions at CERN and Cambridge University. His research work deals with modern machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Prof. Dr. Paul Libbrecht

Professor of: M.Sc. Computer Science

Upon his graduation, he worked on NoSQL databases, semantic web and search engines at DFKI GmbH (the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence) in Saarbrücken, and went on to work as a software developer for Cabrilog SAS and XWiki SAS, among others.

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Marketing and Media

Prof. Dr. Patrick Geus

Professor of: M.A. Marketing Management

Teaches marketing at IU University of Applied Sciences since 2013, while also acting as vice-rector for the IU campus study programmes, following years of experience in a wide variety of management and partnership roles various marketing agencies.

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Finance and Management

Prof. Dr. Jessica Hastenteufel

Professor of: B.A. Business Administration

Winner of the Venia Legendi award for academic excellence in the field of business administration studies, she has worked as the head of sales management at Bank 1 Saar eG, and as a managing partner at the Institute for Banks and SME Financing.

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Prof. Dr. Mirko Bendig

Professor of: B.A. International Management

Specialises in innovation management, entrepreneurship and international management, and has worked in the private sector, as a corporate and innovation consultant, since 2007. In addition, he is the founder of a digital innovation management start-up.

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Prof. Dr. Gerhard Sälzer

Professor of: MBA Finance & Accounting

An experienced tenured professor, and a well-established private sector manager, with over two decades of experience in different business positions, from working in finance and controlling to managerial roles in telecommunications, IT and cleantech companies.

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